Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Relsolutions

I've seen about a billion resolution posts in the past few weeks, and honestly, most are the same. We want to lose weight, eat better, be more active, spend more time with the family, and all those things almost every person I know strives to do every year, but by the end of e year, we never seem to be satisfied with the accomplishments we did make. I see many people complain about how they aren't in the perfect body shape, how they wish they could do more, and honestly, I say these things to myself all the time. So, instead of those goals, I've complied a list of achievable ones for me. No sense in setting myself for disappointment, right?

1. My first resolution this year is to accept myself for who I am and stop trying to be who I'm not. For example, I'm not a skinny tooth pick with a metabolism from the Gods. I have curves, and probably always will. Sure, I do need to lose some weight, but first, I need to stop disappointing myself in what I'm not. We all see this, especially in teenage girls making fun of each other because of image, followed by being horribly upset because they aren't perfect. No one is perfect, and no one ever will be. So, this year I'm going to accept my flaws as they are and not worry about the rest of the world as much.

2. Yes, I want to lose some weight, too, so instead of having a resolution about losing weight, my resolution is about getting away from the bad stuff of sorts. B next year, I would like to not be drinking coffee or sodas. I know quite a bit of weight will fall off once I back away from those two things. Oh, and cut down the amount of chocolate I buy, and thus eat. Instead of this:

Ritter sport,

I love your chocolate with my tea, but it's so hard to just eat one or two.

A handful.

I'd be good if I could just eat one. Oh, and to add, drink more water! Of course, if I cut the coffee and sodas, it leaves more room for water, which is nice, but water tastes so bland. At least, I think so. I recently found that adding frozen fruit works well as both ice and flavoring! I guess I will be buying that instead of coke. I imagine my grocery bill will thank me soon enough.

3. Be more active. Yes, I want to have an exercise plan that is awesome and works, but I have a hard time staying focused, and I really hate actually working out. No sense in doing it if I don't enjoy it, results or not, at least that's what my brain keeps telling me. Thus, instead of regular exercise, my goal in that department is to just be more active. Instead of sitting around, I could:
-run around with the kids more
-go hiking
-go swimming
-walk to post instead of taking the bus
-park farther away from the store
-go bike riding
-run up and down the stairs if I really felt like it
-overall just play more

You know, I could actually just go to mega play once a month and get a good workout. And it would be fun! Recently, a friend showed this awesome blog about nerd exercising and how many different things there really are. I want to go geocaching with he husband, but he doesn't want to take the kids, so we haven't had a chance to go yet.

Overall, I'm just going to stick to this goals, and set new ones once they are officially accomplished and go from there. Three is such a lovely number at times. Not too little and not too much.

Today is January first! What a good place to start.

Happy new year, all!


One more goal: blog about something every day, Monday through Friday. Tomorrow, I'll change up, my pinterest challenge rules because blogging on the weekends almost crashed the entire operation. Stay tuned!


  1. i think it's great to keep your resolutions with what you know you can accomplish. hence the vegan eating more veggies. not that hard, but it will help eliminate the oreos and such. as for water - how about fruit or herb teas? you stay away from the caffeine and it's not bland. if you start with the fruit ones, maybe they'll be sweet enough for you to not use sugar. work your way to the herbs, which won't be sweet. (raspberry mint is a favorite of mine, i have plenty of teas if you would like to get some to try out!)

  2. I have been trying the celestial brand teas from th commissary, and I'm favorite has to be the raspberry with a touch of honey. I'm up for trying more though.