Monday, January 21, 2013

Getting up to speed Part 3 - Pottenstein

Sometime mid July, the neighbors invited us to go to Pottenstein with them.  More specifically, to this place called Devil's Cave.  Its a huge giant cave that has so many pretty stalactites  stalagmites, and skeletons in it. That sounds like pretty much every cave though, right?  What makes this one unique is how deep it is as well as how the cave earned its name.

A long long time ago, the villagers of the town kept losing their animals into this cave.  Their livestock just kept disappearing in that particular area, and very quickly, they came to discover the cave.  Since, you know, a cave is virtually a giant hole in the ground, the locals began to believe that the devil would come up and steal their livestock when the animals wandered too close.  Eventually, people actually came in and explored what part of the cave they could.  At first, this was only about 100m, and no skeletons were found.  Soon, modern technology allowed for renovations and deeper exploration.  It was then that many intact and complete skeletons were found throughout the cave, including a massive bear, which can be seen when one takes the tour.

The cave bear

The light at the end of the tunnel.

Family photo!  (The child on the left is my neighbor's daughter.  The girls jumped into both family's pictures.)

Have you ever been here or somewhere like here?  How was it?


  1. I have!! Loved it. We hiked around outside too - beautiful. Glad you guys made it there, it's definitely worth seeing. Do you have a to-do-before-leaving list? :)

  2. Sadly, my to do list is non existent. :( I'd like to go -somewhere- but probably won't happen. Boo.