Wednesday, November 30, 2011

365 Days of Pinterest Challenge

A few other bloggers and I are going to attempt a pinterest challenge this next year.  Of course, each of these awesome bloggers will do their own variation, and you can check those out here:

Rainy Day Treats

/waits for other challengers to give me blog links

Anyway, here's how my challenge will play out. 

First, I will aim for one post a day about anything I find on pinterest.  I'm hoping to stick to the following weekly schedule:

Crafty Monday: On this day, I will post something I find crafty. Hopefully, I will be able to actually do said craft, but I won't promise because some things are hard to find around here.

Tasty Tuesday: On this, I will post about a dinner meal I found and (hopefully) tried.

Wild Wednesday: On this, I will write about anything I find and have something to write about.

Seasonal Thursday:  On this day, I will post something seasonal, whether it be a craft, food, place, or activity.

Fantastic Friday: On this day, I will write about somewhere I want to go and why or somewhere I have been.

Sweet Treat Saturday: On this day, I will post a dessert I've found. Again, hopefully I was able to try it.

Spiritual Sunday: Considering I'm a Christian, I will post something along those lines. Maybe a weekly devotional perhaps? Or even a craft or two. Or both.

Secondly, here's all the rules I'm going to comply with:

1. It must be something I've found on pinterest.

2. It must be something interesting. No one likes a boring post.

3. I must post something (even if it's just a picture) every day.

4. I must have fun!

5. I will spend no more than twenty extra dollars a week at most. Not here to spend lots of money! :D

6. Lastly, I require everything I find to be useful. I don't want to end this year with a bunch of clutter I'm looking to get rid of.

I hope many of you fellow bloggers decide to take this challenge or even create one of your own! :D. Want to share? Post a link to your blog in the comments or email me and I will add you to the top of this post and future posts describing this challenge.

Challenge starts December 1, 2011! Anyone can jump in whenever they want! Come join the fun!

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