Friday, April 20, 2012

7 Quick Takes (2) (Pinterest Days 42-48)

I enjoyed participating in the quick takes linkup over at Conversion Diary with Jennifer.  Be sure to make your way over there and perhaps participate in this linkup as well.

This week, I just want to share seven recipes from Pinterest that I've tried and haven't changed the recipe.  Food is always good, and hey, this adds another seven days to my pinterest challenge.  In unrelated news, my new camera arrived today!  Hopefully I can finally go back to taking my own pictures and sharing them again.   Perhaps lighting can get better around here too, though Germany isn't exactly popular for its sunshine.

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I thought chocolate cream pie would be the perfect start off.  Who doesn't love pie?  Or making pie?  Perhaps this simple recipe will stick on you like it did me.  So simple yet so delicious!  Also, I lied.  I added a layer of chocolate chips between the cream and chocolate in the actual pie.

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This slow cooker roast recipe turned out AMAZING.  I changed nothing, and didn't even  have to make a side dish, as the veggies worked great for that.

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This creamy tomato pasta has become a family favorite for all parties in my house.  Simple, yet delicious, though I haven't found a good green veggie I like to throw into it yet.  Any suggestions?  Also, I must say that the blog in which I found this recipe has an amusing title!  Go check it out.

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Another slow cooker recipe!  This one is slow cooker shredded beef tacos.  I used it as a shredded beef hamburger, burritos, and even just by itself.  Also, I loved how many meals I actually created out of one roast of sorts.  That definitely made one week of grocery shopping cheaper and required a whole lot less cooking.

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Raspberry chipotle BBQ chicken!  This recipe the husband didn't seem to like too much, and I found it a touch too spicy, but regardless, I still thoroughly enjoyed it.  Next time, though, I'll not add as much chipotle pepper.  By the way, this blog has a ton of other great looking recipes.  I just haven't gotten around to trying the others yet.

----->  6  <-----

Pizza monkey bread.  Ok, I changed this recipe too, but only by a little.  instead of making it monkey bread style, I left it in individual bites.  Big hit, though it took a good minute or sixty to prep all the bites for cooking.  Next time, if I feel really motivated, I might make the bites meat lovers or supreme style.  As for the blog, I'm not sure how anyone can be healthy and sane, but it seems being so makes for a great blog.  I should ask her what the secret is.

----->  7  <-----

Lastly, I figured we might as well leave off with a dessert since we started with one.  Enjoy these cookie dough truffles!  This particular recipe I found a long time ago and made them with my mother in law.  We landed into a fluffy bed of chocolate cookie dough heaven after the first bite.  Fast forward three years.  I could not find the same recipe, that is, until pinterest came along and brought me to where I needed to be.

Note:  the photo credit links will take you directly to the recipe on the blog.


  1. Whoa, I just opened almost every recipe on your list. Thank you!

  2. Mmm those cookie dough truffles look amazing. I love Pinterest, thanks for sharing the recipes! :)