Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday - Ten Projects I want to finish

The top ten tuesday blog carnival is hosted over at Many Little Blessings.   My friend over at Momma in Progress introduced me to this awesome weekly linkup, and I greatly enjoy participating when I can.  Go check it out here and perhaps participate yourself.  Afterall, top ten lists can be quite exciting.

1. My quiet books.  Here's where they stand right now.  I even had to scale them down from the original size so they'd fit in the kids' travel backpacks.  I also used paper for most of the remakes.  Several posts coming about these, as I'm actually almost done!  Almost.

2.  Crocheted baby legs.  Ok, I admit I haven't actually started these yet, BUT I fully intend to.  Maybe.

3.  Slightly waterproofed underwear.  I may or may not make more of these, but I was definitely aiming for this pinterest post except in boy styles (which is completed pin number 4! this year.  Yeah, I'm slacking.)

4. These (a similar style anyway) simple napkins which I've turned into "paper" towels too!  (Pins number 5 and 6 right there.)

5.  Wipes/kleenex/bath rags of sorts.  (pin 7) These are simple and easy, I just haven't had the time to sit down at the sewing machine to finish them.  I probably should soon though.

6.  Clean my basement.  It still has the eventful mess created on thanksgiving down there..  Don't worry, no food.  :D

7. Fermented soda!  I have a "cream soda" version actually brewing on the counter and has a whole post in the works on it.  I just want to make sure it turns out first. Not gonna count this pin until my post is complete!

8. My nursing pads.  I've had these cut out since, oh, probably July!  Just haven't taken the time to finish them since I obtained a sewing machine in November.  (pin 8!)  4 layers of flannel and one of either fleece or PUL.  Haven't picked a favorite back fabric yet.

9.  Catch up on some posts that I just haven't finished yet.  Look, a sneak peek into the future!  I have a post in the works about what I use my vitamix for, the rest of the catch up posts, annoying things about moving, several fermented things, and internet finds.

10.  To find pictures for this post!  They're on the desktop where I am currently brainwashing my children with movies so that I can write this.  Perhaps they're here by the time you read, perhaps they're not.  (Yay, I've finished this one!)


  1. Wow! Those look like some great projects! I barely get out a sewing machine once a year, so I'm impressed, even if they aren't finished. Best wishes in getting them all accomplished. :-)

    1. Thanks! I'm hoping most can be done before we move, but I doubt that. So long as the quiet books are, I'll be happy.

  2. Oh those are some cool projects!! I do hope you find time to finish them. I love Pinterest, but I had to stay away for a bit. I was beating myself up for not being able to even start any of the cool projects I wanted to do. Not healthy for me mentally ;-)

  3. I do love a good sewing project! I have one more to potty train (boy) so I'm looking into your post on the training pants. So cute!